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The Story of the State of Texas

Doyle Bruson is a famous Texan, so here is a summary of the history of this unique American State.

Texas is the second most populated state of US, next to California. The name is over the Caddo word "tejas" which means "allies". The state is located to the southern part of central US. It shares it border with Chihuahua, Neuco Leon, Tamaulipas and Coahuila which are Mexican cities. The neighboring US states are Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Houston is the biggest city in this state with San Antonio being the second largest. The other popular cities are Dallas-Fort Worth, Greater Houston, Austin and El Paso. The state was nicknamed as the Lone Star State as it was an independent republic after gaining independence from Mexico. To depict this, the state flag has the 'Lone Star' sign on it.

The state was occupied by mainly three cultures before the Europeans found the place. These were namely, the Pueble, the Mississippian Culture and the Mesoamerican civilization. There were even many Native American tribes who lived in this area who either cooperated or even fought with the Europeans. The European to set foot in Texas was the Spanish explorer Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca in 1528. It was not until 1685 that European powers began finding interest in this state. San Antonio was the first Spanish settlement here.

In the Mexican War of Independence in 1821, Texas became a part of Mexico. The Texas Revolution was launched after the battle of Gonzales and Texas emerged successful. The Republic of Texas was formed on March 2nd 1836 and the war ended with the capture of the Mexican General. The state was later defeated at the Texas Archive War lead by Mexico, but the republic survived. Later the state annexed with the United States in 1845. Texas even took part in the American Civil War after which the state reconstructed. The current Texas Constitution is as per the constitution written in 1876 and the Bill of Rights has provisions unique to the State of Texas.

Due to the increasing and successive immigration of people into Texas in the 18th and 19th centuries, it has been well described as the melting pot of cultures. A simple example is the main breakfast dish, the burrito which has a soft flour tortilla stuffed with bacon and scrambled eggs. This is a perfect mix of Dixie, frontier and Mexican influence over the culture of the state. The state is also known for its performing art centers and art museums. The city of Austin is known as the live music capital of the world.

Due to its high population Texas is on the top of the list of states that emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. There are several measures taken by the federal law, EPA and the government which has reduced this level greatly, but much is to be achieved in this regard. The state is all set to host the Formula 1 World Championship as it will be hosting the race from 2012. The people here also enjoy Rodeo as the first show was hosted in Pecos, Texas. The state if full of historic, architectural and artistic locations that attract more tourists every year. And this is where poker was invented.

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