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You may be wondering how online poker sites make money when no one really plays against the dealer. It will be explained below why and how. Plus, how to get some of that money you're paying the casino back in your pockets!

How Do Online Poker Sites Use Rake?

Some casino games are mostly game of chance. For example, baccarat and blackjack. In these games, you compete against the house. When you lose, the house gets your money. In an online poker, the house does play. It just provides a place for players to play against each other. So for the casino to earn its fee, they take what is called a rake.

What Is Rake?

Rake is the percentage of money that the House takes from the pot. The rake is usually a fairly small amount between five and 10 percent up to $3 or $4 that is taken out of the pot (or raked off the top if you prefer to think of it that way). This money is taken out of every pot, although some sites have a policy that if the hand ends before the flop, no rake is taken out.

How Can Players Get Money Through Rakeback?

Players do not like rake because it lessens their profits from playing poker. For every time you win, the house takes a percentage of that. Some players think without a rake, their earnings would be a lot higher.

Rakeback is the answer. Sign up with an online poker site through a rakeback affiliate, and a certain percentage of the rake that you contribute is returned to you at the end of the month. For example, if you sign up in a Pokerstars rakeback program using a rakeback affiliate, you are sure to get bonuses in your account at the end of the month. Some poker rakeback sites even have a rakerace, where all players who used a rakeback are competing each other on who gets the most rake. Cash prizes await the winner!

This can turn you from a break even player to a winning player and from a marginally losing player to a break even player. It won't necessarily let you turn poker pro, but it may help quite a bit.

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