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PokerStars is the leader of online poker in the 21st Century. This is nicely proven by looking at their traffic that easily dwarfs the number two room, Full Tilt Poker. PokerStars has over 200,000 players sitting at its tables during peak hours, which provides an unparalleled activity.

The benefit of this immense action for you the poker player is that you will always find an active table or tournament in your favorite poker variation and stake level, practically at any time of the day and any day of the week.

As Pokerstars attracts players from all over the World, Americans (who are allowed), Europeans, Asian and also players from South American, Africa (in particular South African), Australian. So whatever the time and time zone you log on, you will find thousands of other poker players eager to start at a table.

By the way, we can offer a 100% poker bonus for your first deposit, up to $600. And Poker stars is the only online poker room that will let you apply the bonus code to your first three deposits, if they occur less than 3 months after you have signed up. Type in the code as shown.

Honestly they do not really need to give this kind of very juicy incentive as they are number one in their own right, so take it as long as it lasts. Talking of promotions, pokerstars stands out by its VIP point system. Each time you get involved in a real money hand or you pay the buy-in to join a poker tournament, pokerstars will credit your account with frequent player points (FPP).

There are two usages to these points. First and foremost, the points can be exchanged for gifts or for cash. To be honest you need to play a lot of online poker if you want to collect serious money, but you can if you want to and some players collect sometimes thousands of dollars per month for the most active ones. If you really love the game of online poker very much and are ready to put the hours every day, then you will get better poker skills and you will collect these cash bonuses on a regular basis.

The other benefit of the points is that the more you collect, the higher you go into the VIP system (there are six levels). And at the higher levels, the points get attributed faster to you, for the same level of play in a snowball effect.

Another attraction at pokerstars is their selection of large buy-in tournaments, including the Sunday million which has a one and a half million dollars guarantee. And the winner collects hundreds of thousands of dollars every week. Give it a shot, you never know.

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